screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-5-56-05-pm1.  Hero by Maren Morris

Maren broke onto the music scene with the catchy single “My Church” and then continued to draw in audiences with her hit “80s Mercedes.” While both can be found on this album, it’s Hero‘s sassier songs like “Rich” and “Just Another Thing” that currently have my heart. Consider this the soundtrack to your windows down, Sunday afternoon, PCH coasting kind of life.

2.  Pat McGrath Color Labs 004

Bring on the glitter! Beauty industry vet Pat McGrath knows exactly what our inner 7 year olds have been craving and she’s found a way to make it look oh-so-chic. These six highly pigmented shades were formulated to wear alone or beneath a slick, vinyl gloss. Layered with a metallic gold sheen and finished with one of three microfine glitters they make for the most mesmerizing look of the season (and hopefully many seasons to come).

3.  Donald Glover

This 33 year old actor, rapper, comedian, producer…yes the list goes on, is what kids these days would call, “lit”. Seriously. This guy does it all, and well, which was made evident by his recent Golden Globe win for the hit show Atlanta. Oh, and did I mention he’s pretty?

4.  Atelier Santal Carmin Cologne

The first time I caught wind of this scent was over brunch in Silverlake. I may or may not have forced my friend to run down the sidewalk and ask a street-style-worthy blonde what she was wearing. Countless samples and a bit of a splurge later, I was hooked. Originally made with the boys in mind, this sensual combination of bergamot, saffron, sandalwood, cederwood, papyrus and vanilla is unlike any santal scent on the market. Well worth the price, it is by far my favorite fragrance to date.

5.  Miu Miu Velvet Booties 

Because honestly, what’s more luxe than velvet covering your toes? And in burgundy no less. Something tells me these babies will be sold out before I hit post.

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