Showering Baby Harper

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my now sister-in-law, Ashley Craig. Given no direction other than the theme, “Pretty, Pink and Sparkling,” my main goal was to create an ambiance of magic for the mother-to-be.

Dessert Table

I began planning with the knowledge that I would be incorporating various shades of metallics into my color scheme. Given the obvious inclusion of pink, I decided to add both gold and silver to the mix, then down the Pinterest rabbit hole I went in search of inspiration.

Set Up_Platters

The key to nearly everything is timing and a successful baby shower is no different. If you want to keep your work to a minimum, plan to host your event after lunch and before dinner. This way, you can be certain that your guests will have already eaten and won’t be expecting a full meal.

While some may find this stingy, I can assure you, anyone who believes that is wrong. Timing your shower as such will encourage guests to focus solely on the baby mama and allow you to focus on decor, as well as a larger, more delight-able dessert table. Now, who doesn’t love that?!

For this particular party, I was fortunate to note ahead of time that I would be catering to a few guests with sensitive tummies. To ensure that everyone in attendance could enjoy a sweet treat before they left, I reached out to Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Los Angeles, CA. A purveyor of strictly vegan and gluten-free options, it’s a perfect choice for those with food allergies.

After placing a hold on a batch of cupcakes and about a dozen doughnuts, I ventured to a nearby supermarket to order the cake. Yes, you read that right, a supermarket! Few people realize this, but if you supply the bakers at your local grocer with detailed instructions and decorations, they will typically be more than happy to replicate just about anything (for a fraction of what a specialty bake shoppe would charge you). What’s more? Assuming you’re a fan of buttercream, they do a darn good job!

A bit of bubbly, a fruity mixer, and a pretty glass, now your beverages are covered too!


p r o – t i p: If you’re looking for inexpensive plates, serving trays, or glassware to fit a theme, low-end bargain stores like The Dollar Tree or 99c Store should be your first stop. Both carry a plethora of these items for next to nothing!

Last on my list of required sustenance was a memorable parting gift for the guests. I wanted something simple, but also unique and representative Ashley’s own personal style and taste (buds). I settled on customizable MnM’s. Remembering that Ashley had planned to decorate her nursery with circus animals, while still keeping to the shower’s theme, I selected coordinating colors for the MnM’s and then had them “stamped” with baby elephants, giraffes, the name “Harper” and the phrase, “Oh Baby!” The Mars Company delivered them pre-packaged and tied with pretty yellow bows. I couldn’t have been more impressed by how easy the process was or how absolutely adorable the favors turned out!


Finally, it was time to consider decor. One of my favorite ways to make any party immediately festive is with a banner. A quick trip to the craft store and you can incorporate every aspect of your theme into one gloriously hanging declaration of bliss.

After that, who cares what your other decorations are??? Kidding. Kind of. When gathering at a small venue, such as someones home, you truly don’t need much else. For the shower, I added some pearlized helium balloons and a couple of fresh floral arrangements. Then I let Ashley, the glowing expectant, mom, take center stage.

d i y | welcome baby banner

Hearth close-up

w h a t. y o u ‘ l l. n e e d.


  • alphabet stickers
  • loose glitter
  • fabric or thick stock paper cut into desired shape and hole punched at the top left and right
  • twine or ribbon
  • hot glue gun (+ clear hot glue sticks)
  • silver spray paint
  • cardboard onesie

h o w. t o. m a k e. i t. h a p p e n.

s t e p 1 |

Coat the cardboard onesie with your spray paint until no cardboard shows through, then allow to dry.


s t e p 2 |

Using your hot glue gun, decorate the front of your onesie. Because the glue drys quickly, I suggest keeping things simple by writing the word “baby” and then showering the glue with loose glitter while it is still hot. Let set for 45 seconds, then lift to remove the excess glitter and reveal your design.


s t e p 3 |

Using your glue gun once more, apply your letters to the prepared stock or fabric.


s t e p 4 |

Carefully string your letters and onesie onto your ribbon or twine. Hang banner by tying ends into bows or securing into place with paint-safe tape.



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