Strawberry Overnight Oats

A few weeks ago I decided to embrace the whole “clean eating” trend. Not entirely sure what I was getting myself into, I did a hefty amount of Google-ing and learned that this would mean committing myself to a month of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats and limited dairy. Totally doable, right?


I was fortunate enough to find a great guide via Popsugar to help me start my journey. Designed by dietitians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh, the free program includes a two week meal plan, shopping list and recipe index. It provided just enough direction to get me going and just enough options to keep me motivated.

Now that those first two weeks are behind me, I am on a mission to find more delicious and healthful clean eating recipes. Insert these simple and satisfying Strawberry Overnight Oats.

Prepared in minutes just before bed, then left in the refrigerator to thicken while you sleep, they are the perfect make ahead breakfast!


What You’ll Need:

1 cup organic rolled oats

1 cup coconut almond milk (I prefer Califia Toasted Coconut brand)

2 T organic maple syrup

2 T chia seeds

2 t pure vanilla extract

1/4 t salt

cinnamon to taste

4-8 strawberries, thinly sliced

How To Make It Happen:

Combine all ingredients in a tall mason jar, then leave in a refrigerator overnight to thicken. May be eaten warm or cold.*

If eating warm, add 1-2 tablespoons coconut almond milk to maintain texture through heating.

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